Autor: Damian Galan Kaiser Date: 2000-2001
Info: Kennel Khyi-Lha
The dogs with most influence of the last years.

The 28,7,1971 was born Ch. Dokham Cavardossi of Tintavon its father was Ch. Lunville Prince Krishna its mother Ch. Hlaka Kangri of Dokham. The breeders were Mr. & Mrs. G. P. Newell owner Mr. Paul Stanton (kennel Tintavon). Dokham Cavardossi of Tintavon was a dog of clear colour. He was one of the Tibetan Terriers with best results of England being the first Tibetan Terrier that obtained BIS. Before Mr. P. Stanton went to live to Sweden Dokham Cavardossi had a fatal accident. The Ingles breeders felt much the lost of Dokham Cavardossi. He was one of the dogs that more influence had in the Nordic countries thanks to his children.
The 1,9,1972 was born Ch. Willowbrae Willow his father was the famous Ch. Lunville Prince Khan his mother Skellfild Betzi-Su of Willowbrae. The breeder and owner was Mrs J. Smith. Willowbrae Willow is one of the best representatives of the Lunville. He was a black dog with little white. Willowbrae Willow lived from 1975 on in Germany where he had many descendants. A celebrate son of him was Ch. Dokham Figaro, born the 8,5,1975 his mother was Ch. Hlaka Kangri of Dokham. The breeder was G. Newell owner M. von Creytz. Dokham Figaro was a dog of black colour.
The 15,12,1989 was born Ch. Silgarhi Varius his father is Ch. Su-Khyi Kang Rimpoche (American Lamleh) his mother is Silgarhi Hipólita (Lamleh ingles). The breeders are Mrs P. J. Cross & Miss S. J. Croos (United Kingdom) the owner is Frau A. Peine & Frau G. Schroth. Silgarhi Varius is a Tibetan Terrier of honey. It is a pure Lamleh, his father is an American Lamleh and his mother is an English Lamleh. Silgarhi Varius is considered one of the most elegant Tibetan Terriers. Silgarhi Varius lives in Germany still active.
The 09,01,1991 was born Ch. Sheydon's Sam Dup his father is Ch. Sheydon's Che-Btsan his mother is Ch. Shergol Nam-Pa. The breeder is Toodie Conner the owners are Herr Ralf Golzem & Herr Markus Horn. After becoming champion of the USA, he went to Germany. He was Best Male Futurity in the USA. Sheydon's Sam Dup is black with white jest, for that reason I consider him a black diamond. He is one of the Tibetan Terriers more streamlined and elegant of the history, not to say the plus. Sheydon's Sam Dup is a pure American Lamleh. He has also a great amount of important descendants, champions of the World, etc. A son of Sheydon's Sam Dup is Ch. Ski-La-Kyi Norbu was born the 20,10,1992 his mother is Ch. Ski-La-Kyi Jandra. The breeder is Frau Contoagelos, the owner is Frau Töpfer. Ski-La-Kyi Norbu is multichampion among them of the World and Europe. Norbu means in tibetano " black precious stone " this is very appropriate, since he is of black colour.
The 20,04,1993 was born Ch. Schantís Reggi-Lamleh his father is Ch. Sheydon's Sam Dup his mother is Woodruff´s Aurora. The breeders and owners are Herr Ralf Golzem & Herr Markus Horn. Schantís Reggi-Lamleh is a worthy descendent of Sheydon's Sam Dup, he has multiple titles and BIS. He is a Tibetan Terrier of golden honey colour and very elegant. Like his father, he lives in Germany. A son of him is Schantís Duke Lamleh who was between Top 10 of the USA.

These are the most important Tibetan Terriers, although if there lacked some I request pardon not to mention them, These Tibetan Terriers, I consider ones of the best because they have not only great amount of important titles, but because they have transmitted to there descendants all there potential, not only there beauty but also the balanced and sweet character. These dogs can be found anywhere in the world, in great amount of pedigrees.. Children, grandchildren, greats-grandchildren, etc. of these Tibetan Terriers can be found Worldwide (Europe, Canada, the USA, Australia, etc.). Although as the refran says: " Better quality than quantity ", in this case are both things.